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9 June 2021 - 18 June 2021
Towards a sustainable cultural and creative industry in ACP countries

Dear participants,

Due to a serious technical incident beyond our control, the webinar "Towards a cultural and creative industry in ACP countries" will resume on Friday 18 June at 3pm CEST. The programme will include Panel 6 "ACP-EU Culture Programme: building the resilience of the cultural and creative sectors in times of pandemic" and the closing remarks of the webinar. Your registration is still valid and you will be able to connect to the webinar via the same link. The event will also be streamed via Facebook live on the link : 



The ACP-EU Culture Programme is organising an international webinar “Towards a sustainable cultural and creative industry in African, Caribbean and Pacific countries” on 9 and 10 June.

This online event will provide an opportunity to put into perspective the programme’s actions in support of cultural and creative industries in ACP countries and to address the issues and challenges of a sector that has been strongly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and is currently in the process of becoming resilient.

This meeting is the ideal framework to highlight the potential of the actions of the ACP-EU Culture Programme, to anchor them in the current issues that have an impact on the sustainability of cultural and creative industries in ACP countries.

For whom?

Organized jointly with the Organisation of African, Caribbean and Pacific States (OACPS) and the European Union (EU), this meeting is aimed at: :

  • cultural operators/artists/creators from the EU and ACP countries
  • organizations promoting culture and creation
  • implementing partners of the ACP-EU Culture Programme;
  • media;
  • representatives of the academic world;
  • representatives of EU and ACP diplomatic missions;
  • development actors.

Our themes

Over the course of two days, a series of panel discussions will address themes rooted in current issues, namely:

  • The acceleration of digital technology
  • The potential of cultural and creative industries to generate sustainable growth and decent jobs
  • The participation of youth and women in the cultural and creative industries
  • Youth and cultural education
  • Post-Covid recovery.

Download the full programme here.

Our partners

The webinar “Towards a sustainable cultural and creative industry in ACP countries” is organised jointly with the Organisation of African, Caribbean and Pacific States and the European Union with the technical support of Culture Solutions and Nookom.

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